Sorry, I know it’s been a bit since my last post, but I’m still here. The holidays were busy, but lots of fun. I was able to see my cousins, Aunt’s and Uncles and even was able to spend time with my three nephews! After the holidays I ended up getting sick with a brutal cold which kept me in bed for a few days and really drained me. Now that all that has passed I wanted to mention a gift I received for Christmas.

So my Brother and Sister-in-law and then my Sister all somehow purchased me the same gift!! When I opened each box and saw that they all gave the same thing I was perplexed, but once I heard their reasoning I thought it was hilarious!! What they bought me as a gift was a world map that allows you to scratch off what countries and states you have visited (I wish i thought of creating this…lol). They each reasoned that since I enjoy traveling so much, it might be a good way to reflect on where I’ve been and plan places to go in the future.

The map,, is probably one of the cleverest gifts that I have ever received. Both my brother and his wife, then my sister, saw the map online and immediately thought it would be the PERFECT gift for someone who travels as much as I have! How funny is that, they each had the exact same idea?!

One of the maps is now framed on the wall in our sitting room, waiting for me to scratch more destinations off. We are going to hold onto the second map for now, maybe it will go in my office and give me something else to think about while it’s slow at work!